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What services do we offer?

  • we offer access to regularly updated citation reports for the CUE employee, please see this form;
  • we accept orders for citation reports:
    • for CUE employees – citation report order is transferred to the librarians responsible for this particular university department; reports are archived and make available in pdf format;
    • for periodicals published by CUE;
  • we process CUE employees queries regarding the number of citations for the whole university departments in databases: Web of Science, Scopus and BazEkon;
  • we created and maintain bibliometrics database Citations in BazEkon;
  • we conduct training in bibliometrics.
lokalizacja room 104, 1st floor
telefon (+48) 12 293 5759
email b-metria@uek.krakow.pl
 Opening hours
Mon-Fri 10am-3pm

What facilities do we provide?

  • on the employee's request we publish citation report on their profile in Dorobek database;
  • we maintain website containing legislation acts regarding bibliometric indicators;
  • we inform about websites, rankings and events, which regard bibliometrics (productivity and impact).


Independent Post for Bibliometrics is a library department responsible for the citation reports for CUE employees and the operation of the system programming queries generating this report with appropriate data collected from library databases. The task of this department is also cooperation with the librarians to ensure completeness and accuracy of the reports prior to their archivisation. Given that the citation queries regarding CUE employees are better processed with prior knowledge of their scientific achievements, Independent Post for Bibliometrics coordinates the division of tasks in this area in such way that registration of scientific output and citations are carried out by the same librarian. This task is given to the librarians employed in the Reading Rooms Department, Information Services Department, Interlibrary Loans Department and Independent Post for Bibliometrics.