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Library Instruction Classes

We invite all first year students of full-time courses to attend our library instruction classes. Library training is compulsory and results in receiving library instruction class entry in the student’s credit book signed by one of the librarians.

Classes in academic year 2017/2018 commence on 16th October 2017.

Students have a choice to complete the library instruction:

  • by attending one-and-a-half hour class which includes the library tour (meeting place: Library Building, room 229),
  • by completing online training which consists of e-learning course followed by a test. English speaking students are encouraged to complete the online training, as we cannot guarantee that English speaking librarian will be always available.

Both types of library classes are followed by a test.

Completing this test is a requirement for getting course credit and receiving confirmation entry in the student’s credit book (Index). In the case of taking online training, the signature confirming your participation in e-learning course can be obtained at the Library Building, room 201, 203 or 325, Monday to Friday 9am-2pm.

Willingness to attend library instruction class organized in the library should be reported to the head student representing your year, who will then set the date with Mrs. Danuta Domalewska (Library Building, room 203, Monday to Friday 9am-2pm).

To be trained online you need to log in to the e-learning platform of our university. The username is your student’s credit book (Index) number and the password is your personal ID number.

We invite all students to take part in our library instruction classes as it will certainly help to make efficient use of the library resources.