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The Main Library provides scientific and educational support for the Krakow University of Economics staff and students, at the same time making the collections available to all entitled persons. We strive to improve the visibility of our resources on the web and to promote them effectively and globally as we want to be ambassadors of science and culture amongst our academic community and the general public as well.

This mission is implemented through:

  • organizing research and teaching resources in the areas of scholarship selected by the University,
  • ensuring unrestricted access to the Library collections and global information resources,
  • modernizing and developing the Library services,
  • effective management of the Library collections,
  • continuing training of the Library staff,
  • educating users in easy and fast information access,
  • cooperating with other institutions on local, national and international levels to facilitate collections’ accessibility,
  • continually making the Library resources and services more patron-friendly.

The future of the Main Library is developing in the form of a hybrid library, harmoniously combining the elements of a traditional and electronic library, a library with rules specific to a learning organization.

In the longer term, related to the reconstruction of the current building, the Main Library of the Krakow University of Economics wants to develop as a centre for education, information and culture, where care for cultural heritage will be combined with the use of the most modern forms of knowledge and information transfer.