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Scopus is a multidisciplinary bibliographic database containing millions of records from valuable journals published by many publishers. In addition, periodicals available in open access are indexed, as well as conference materials, trade publications, patents and publishing series. Until the mid-90s, only bibliographic descriptions of articles are available, data for papers published since 1996 also have abstracts added.

Database allows to:

Web of Science

Web of Science is a package of bibliographic and abstract databases produced by Clarivate Analytics covering many fields of science. They are used to search for information on a selected topic and to conduct citations analyzes for publications or authors.

Since 2010, the access to Web of Science resources is granted by nationwide license funded entirely by The Ministry of Education and Science and managed by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM).

The database includes:


The database includes bibliographic descriptions of articles from scientific and economic periodicals, research papers and scientific series published by scientific and academic institutions.

BazEkon provides access to full texts of some of the listed sources. Database records are in Polish and in English if the original source included English data.

Available options: