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Refinitiv EIKON

Refinitiv Eikon (previously named Thomson Reuters Eikon) is the database containing current and historical data from the money and financial markets, equity markets, foreign exchange (FX) markets, futures and commodity markets. Available information includes quotations of listed companies, stock indices and financial instruments from around the world. Furthermore industry reports, comments and forecasts, as well as many advanced data analysis tools.

Passport GMID

Passport GMID is a service providing business and statistical information on countries, markets, companies and consumers from around the world.

The database contains current and historical data (dating back up to 1977), plus economic forecasts, too.

Passport GMID offers statistical summaries of macroeconomic and marketing phenomena as well as analyses and reports for many sectors of the consumer, industrial and service markets.


BankFocus provides information on thousands of banks, public and private.

In addition to contact information, classification of the bank and its place in the rankings, the database contains, among others, financial statements, ratings and ownership structure of banks. Financial data are presented in an universal format to compare banks operating in different markets and in different time-scopes.

The database update is based on data submitted by banks at the end of reporting periods.

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Orbis M&A

Orbis M&A is a tool for searching and analyzing intelligence on global mergers and acquisitions. It contains M&A, IPO, private equity, and venture capital deals and rumors.

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Orbis is a specialized database that offers comprehensive information on more than 200 million companies (private and public) from all over the world.

Orbis allows precise selection of the desired group of companies and offers a range of advanced tools for comparative analysis.

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EMIS University

EMIS University database contains data on enterprises and economic sectors, as well as newspaper articles and agency reports, stock quotes and macroeconomic data.